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Track your success Become Our Valuable Content Partner to create Your Legacy - Not just a Name.

With our partnership, you have the leverage of having We help you nurture your students for tomorrow with our credible partnership & Type-A content – a very significant & an effective way to excel in this industry.

As Malcolm X said, “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”.

While we focus on representing your brand in the most authentic & meticulous way, our main aim is to take your brand to another level with our expertise in the premium service yet affordably priced content & coaching experience.

We transform the lives of individuals who come to seek success in your renowned institutions, with our services – while you remain care-free about most of the content & its management. This way, you get to channelize more energy towards services, quality of teaching & learning efficiency.

We offer Customized Study Packages for each Institution out there!

What we have to offer

Complete Study Package: Created to be easily-understood, the study packages are a sufficient all-in-one guide, compactly designed for your students to learn efficiently.


Different sets of booklets for different exams: Each set is custom made to increase efficiency, keeping in mind the requirements & procedures of each exam for your students.


Divided into booklets with your institute branding: Sets are carefully divided into parts increasing the effectiveness of booklets, labeled with the institution’s branding.


As per syllabus & pattern: Each package is regulated yearly & consists of a dynamic syllabus & pattern designed with thorough research of each institute’s curriculum.


Quantity based price labs: We provide quantity based price labs that add value to your packages when combined together.


Quantity as per your requirement: We have quantity based price labs scaled into different packages that focus your institution’s needs, growth & expansion.

We also offer Customized Tech Solutions!

What we have to offer

With all the latest technology & strategies : we will help you grow your business to its full potential.


Android App : An app that will keep track of all the progress and help you manage data in the most convenient way. Also a quick & convenient medium to communicate and keep everything in check.


Live Class Technology : We provide an experience of a live coaching centre where your teachers can digitally connect with students from anywhere, anytime.


Online Web Test Portal : Online tests that are just as difficult as the actual exams, this feature will help coaches to analyze their student’s calibre better.


Pre-encumbered test of various National & State level exams : We have a pre-encumbered set of exams of all National & State level exams that make it easier for students to focus more on their preparations.

While you’re here, have a look at our white label services!

  • 100% authentic branding for your brand.
  • Almost no cost in content making & hassle-free proofreading & typing
  • Zero cost in content development & creating latest test papers
  • Best class material in this industry available at competitive prices
  • Faculties are not required to work on content development

  • No use of manpower for printing & logistics management
  • Material also available for Bank, SSC, Teacher’s exams & State level exams
  • Reduced prices for Magazines, Assignments, Boosters, Offline Test Series & Daily Quizzes
  • Suitable packages for each institute & their requirements
  • Offline as well as Online test Series to suit schedules


Online Test Series

  • Bank/SSC & State level test series: Online tests for all kinds of exams of Banking & SSC courses to support students more efficiently.
  • Sectional & full length tests: Online tests with variations to improve your student’s performance & effectively prepare them for their main day.
  • Strictly based on the latest Exam pattern: All online tests we provide are up to date with updated versions that assist your student’s to stay posted with the latest patterns.
  • With 100% Branding of Institute: The syllabus and the curriculum followed is updated & carefully made keeping in mind the branding of your institute.
  • No minimum quantity required: There is no requirement of minimum number of students to be enrolled in your institution to avail online test series.
  • Separate solution manuals of Teachers & Coaches: Special guides for your teachers that help in providing an effective coaching experience to their students.
  • Products include: Live Class Technology & Setup assistance, Android App, Online Test Portal, Online Mock Tests, Study Material (e-books, PDF & Word Format).

Offline Test Series

  • Full Syllabus tests: Offline Exams at your center that will prepare your students for their best performance.
  • As per the latest syllabus of the exam: All offline exams are regularly updated and are perfectly made to test your student’s performance.
  • Real exam type pattern based mock test: Tests that will prepare your students in the most proper way by making them take tests that brace them for the main show.
  • Instant results, solutions & feedback: Even offline the work is instant & convenient for the faculty members. Students get the results, solutions & a proper feedback to help them understand more.
  • We provide Mock Tests: In PDF Formats that also contain solutions in both English & Hindi mediums, finished by 100% authentic branding of your institution.


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TESMUS Content Partner Program


  • 100% your Branding.
  • Reduce cost of content making.
  • No hassle of proof reading and typing.
  • Zero cost of R&D for developing any content.
  • Zero cost in creating latest pattern Test Papers.
  • Best in class material available at very competitive price.

  • Faculties can be freed from content development activities.
  • No burden of printing and logistics management on Partner Institute.
  • Bank, SSC, Teacher’s exams and state level exam material kits available.
  • Magazines, Assignments, Boosters, Offline Test Series & Daily Quizzes on reduced price.



We have provided 100% customised branding to all types of training centres & institutions globally, and successfully served them all. With an experience of 18+ years, we now aim to expand by bringing customised packages for civil services and state level exams as well in near future.


200 + Coachings

With strict quality control & comprehensive content and services, we currently have partnered with more than 200 coachings across nations to help them advance into the future.


Revenue Share

With 0 manpower going into content creation, there is a huge decline in expenses & hence a huge margin of increase in the total revenue share.


Time and efforts

Our services assist the coaching institutes in minimising their time & efforts down to 0% along with the drastic fall of content expenses to less than 20%, thereby increasing the profitability.

Our Hero Experts

Our Product Partner

We have partnered with all the renowned institutions of India & by our satisfied partners, long-term associations & repeated projects – we have proved our credibility of being able to deliver more than we promise.