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Conducting offline MOCK Tests

December, 06, 2022 | Coaching Tips

The importance of conducting offline MOCK Tests for a coaching institute

Implementing mock tests at various levels of a student's progress within the institute is nothing new for you or any coaching institute. The simplicity, as well as the versatility, that is carried by a series of self-training mock tests cannot be left unnoticed and ignored. So, long-story-short, mock tests are important for your students.

But why we're telling you all this, and not directly addressing your students?
Because there is a first-hand need for you, as an active coaching institute, to give a lot of importance to these mock tests. And by doing so, the thing that happens is that your students start to feel a lot more comfortable sitting for such tests while keeping aside all their fears and lack of confidence.

Here's what you can do:

 Prepare a discussed schedule and make sure that the content and resources for the mock tests are ready and developed beforehand.

Encourage your students to sit for these tests by allowing them to share their valid reasons for lack of confidence and fears first. Reciprocate such queries (mentioned above) with simple and effective tips and tricks.

Before planning for the mock tests, have a word with your faculty regarding the establishment of a self-centered test paradigm that suits each one of your students in terms of the level of quality, time management, and instant improvisation in the thinking-and-ticking procedure followed by them.

Try and measure the progress of your students with each mock test, followed by a detailed discussion over individual performances and possible improvisation.

Remember, one mock test may not make that much of a difference for you, but for your students, it's like a piece of mirror that he looks into and starts collecting them all until he can clearly foresee his future.


Wishing good luck to you and your students!

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