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Everyone is the founder in TesMus

December, 06, 2022 | Life at TesMus

"Everyone from the team, at least before the breakeven point, is a Founder in all sense."

And what about people joining the team after breakeven... will discuss this in some other blog

I remember when I decided to start TesMus, I came along with 4 people from Delhi to Lucknow to start it, each one of them believed in the vision and decided to participate. 

Eventually, 2 of them left us in between due to their own reasons and we 2 left to continue the road ahead.

It's been 4.5 years now, so many people joined us during this tenure and so many of them still continue with us since the beginning.

Each one of them has felt the pain and joy of creation with me equally, they contributed a lot, even more than I every day.

During these days I only tried to keep the show running, the rest of everything was taken care of by all of them, and that too without any follow-ups or major guidance.

I must say that my only achievement these days was to collect these gems of TesMus, which not only let TesMus survive the pandemic but also lead it to move onwards and upwards continuously.

"That's why I firmly believe that none of them is an employee of TesMus.. they all are founders and entitled to enjoy its glory equally."  

In other words, I never believe in the word "Employee". Each one of us is a founder and the proud "TesMusWale'

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